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Snap-Share & Win Competition.
16 Mar

Snap share and win competition

WIN a complimentary night at one of our AfriCamps locations

Each month we are running a competition for our guests. With great locations to choose from like AfriCamps Klein KarooAfriCamps at Kam’BatiAfriCamps at Stanford HillsAfriCamps at Ingwe, AfriCamps at MackersAfriCamps at Pat Busch, and from 1 October AfriCamps at Oakhurst, the locations provide ample space for you to pick a backdrop and have fun snapping away your moments at AfriCamps.

We are very curious about how you experience your stay at AfriCamps. In the last few months, we received a lot of pictures from our guests at different camps. It is really nice to see those different views. Unfortunately, we can’t stay there every day to see everything that happens, so this is the reason why we would love to see it from your side!

How to enter:

You don’t have to be a professional photographer!

  • Option 1: Take some photos of you and your family / friends enjoying your stay at AfriCamps.
  • Option 2: Make a video about your stay.
  • Share your content with us by tagging us on twitter, facebook or instagram (remember to also use the hashtag #WeAreGlamping) or email your photo’s to
  • Think outside the box.
  • Tell us something about your stay.
  1. Upload your photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (tag @AfriCamps and use #WeAreGlamping) or alternatively send your entry via email to
  2. Keep an eye on our social media accounts. Each month AfriCamps will share the best 10 Glamping-moments on Facebook and the photo that generates the most likes wins – It’s that simple!

Don’t forget to enjoy this amazing #AfriCamps experience.

Still not sure? Check some examples below!

Don’t forget to snap, share and win 🙂 We are looking forward to some new pictures about your beautiful stay!

Happy snapping and good luck

AfriCamps Team


Photo credit tanyavantonder

Photo Credit ryry_sa

Photo Credit : ryanthatcher1984

Photo Credit: scott_sean_tassies

Photo Credit: tanyavantonder

Video credit Ryan Abrey

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