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Joint Venture Opportunity

AfriCamps is South Africa’s boutique gamping specialist. Boutique gamping is the global success formula in outdoor recreation. While expanding the AfriCamps glamping brand along South Africa’s main tourism routes we now offer farmers and landowners a unique and profitable joint venture opportunity that enables you to diversify and increase the revenue of your land. Contact us if you are interested to become our sole glamping partner in your area.

Africamps invests

In partnership with you, AfriCamps financially invests extensively in the development of an AfriCamps boutique glamping site on your property. We will do this by providing you with fully furnished and installed en-suite AfriCamps tents. From the supply and installation of our tents to bathroom fittings, mattresses, bed linen, towel packages and kitchen utensils, everything is taken care of. Our plug and play glamping package will get you up and running in no time!

We even bring you the clients!

All marketing, sales and administrative related activities are managed by our central reservation office in Cape Town. From marketing budget to local and international marketing campaigns, travel expo’s, PR-activities, reservations, client contact, invoicing, market research and product development to a comprehensive bookings website, AfriCamps takes care of it all, so that you’ll have more time available for your guests and your current business activities. Our well trained marketing department will certainly deliver you the best occupancy rates possible throughout the year.


Our custom designed boutique camping tents are proudly produced in our factory in Cape Town. Having this in-house technical knowledge and production facility gives us the unique opportunity to not only build our own camps but to be on top of things when there’s need for maintenance and repairs of the canvas and woodwork in our tents. We are committed to providing our guests with the best glamping experience possible, and keeping all tents in the AfriCamps group well maintained is a very important aspect of it.

We believe it’s just important to get every detail right.  From marketing strategy to camp layout and tent designs, together we make sure that everything comes together nicely. The good thing is that we’ve done this many times before and we are not scared to get our hands dirty again to create something new and unique together with you!

Turnkey concept
Brings you the guests
Investing partner
Earn extra income
Support of an established brand



  • It’s a profitable business concept that you can start with minimal investment.
  • To generate extra income of your land.
  • It’s a joint venture with a well established partner who invests extensively in your property and who works towards mutual success.
  • To start a plug and play / ready-made tourism venture.
  • To be part of a strong South African tourism brand with a substantial shared marketing budget and strategies for a like-minded community of AfriCamps camp owners.
  • To receive bookings, but no need to be behind you cellphone or computer the whole day. Our central reservation team handles all the bookings, payments and general communication with clients and agents. You will have more time available for being the host for guests and your current business activities.


  • You arrange the land, the permit and prepare the ground with landscaping and connections.
  • We place the tents and provide all furniture and fittings necessary to run a successful guest accommodation.
  • You develop extra services for your guests like breakfast baskets and activities etc. The revenue out of all these services and activities will go directly to the camp owner and are perfectly suitable to generate extra income out of your camp.
  • We do all marketing and sales related activities.
  • You will be the host and take care of camp management and operations.
  • We send you a monthly report and pay out your  monthly income on the bookings.

Ready to get started!

We are looking for partners alongside all the main tourism routes in the country. For season 2018-2019 we are especially looking for properties in Kwazulu-Natal, Swaziland, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

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